Art Meets Fashion is now shown at 6 different location through Antwerp City!

KBC, Pierre Marcolini, INNO, Rubenshuis, Bästa! and conceptstore YOUR

They are huge, amazing, and exhibited until the 26th of June!

Paris Paris: oh la la.
The weather was so nice; it felt like springtime in Paris. I had time to take a nice long walk besides the Seine and drink a good glass of red wine in the sun: sometimes live is superb! The relaxing and soothing atmosphere made me totally calm and happy… mmmm, maybe we should move here?  The opening in gallery  Baudoin Lebon was special with a good glass of champagne and of course the French who visited the gallery in their own time (meaning late). As enthousiastic New York is, so reserved is Paris. But when you get compliments they are sincere. A lot of good things happened in Paris and I hope I will be back soon! Take a look at some photos of the opening.

Sooo, there it is: my first opportunity to write on my blog after my exhibitions in New York City and Paris.  NYC left so many impressions and I met a lot of interesting people that I do not know where to start, but I’ll try to.

What impressed me the most about NYC is that you never know what the day brings you. When you think you will hit your bed early, you end up on a ‘special invitation only’ opening with well known people, a lot of press, many many (very thin) models but most important of all: you meet a lot of special people (with the you I mean me of course).
Because I believe that what you see does so much more then words (after all I am a photographer) I included some photos of my exhibition that is still continuing and a link where you can see a clip of the opening shot by the Belgium televisionprogram ‘de Rode Loper’.



Art meets Fashion has landed in New York and will open her exhibition next Monday with a special brunch presentation at Flanders House in the New York Times building.

Want to be invited? Apply at

Maeby we’ll see you there!!!


Flore Zoé in action

The SHOOT: it was exciting, overwhelming, exhausting, spectacular, emotional, but most of all, thé result is magnificent! Thanks to everyone who made this series with me.

At this moment the editing is being done and, every day the editors and me will have a look at the images over and over again and work on it untill it’s perfect!

All the hard work from my team and myself will clymax on next Monday: the shoot! We will shoot at the MIAT: Museum for Industrial Archaeology and Textile  ( in Gent. I think almost everything is arranged, so I will start reading my concept again and again and again… to see if the visualisation is the way it should be.

I would like to thank my team for their hard work in the last weeks, I’m looking forward to the shoot!!!

ART meets FASHION’ is to create a special photo series that will depict the creative process of the fashion designers. Flore Zoé works with fashion talent, graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp since 2006 that have a strong vision and excel in creative talent.

The Designers

Andrea Cammarosano I Marc-Philippe Coudeyre I Juan Hernandez Daels I Lenny Leleu I Sakabe Mikio I Yuima Nakazato I Tim van Steenbergen I Heaven Tanudiredja I Ek Thongprasert I Ti + Hann I Simon Pierre Toussaint

Showroom Antwerp comes to New York

January 15th 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Showroom Antwerp comes to New York FEBRUARY 15th through 19th 2010 Flanders Fashion Institute is bringing some of Antwerp’s most talented designers to New York. The seven men’s and women’s designers, who will exhibit their work at Flanders House in the New York Times Building during Fashion Week, are: Anke Loh, Anna Heylen, Idriz Jossa, Lenny Leleu, Marc Philippe Coudeyre, Peter Ceursters and Stephan Schneider. FFI opted for a mix of established talent from Flanders’ fashion capital and brand new talent that will showcase their creations for the very first time. In addition, Flore Zoé will exhibit her fashion photography work and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre will present 7 diamond jewelry designs of the HRD Awards 2009. The event kicks off on February 15th with a brunch starting at 1 PM until 5 PM on the 44th floor of the NYT building. Showroom Antwerp runs until February 19. Media Contact - Michael Schwartz T: +1 (646) 861-1976 E: About Flanders House: Flanders House ( is a new portal in New York. From the 44th floor of the New York Times Building, it aims to be the gateway connecting Flanders (the northern, Dutch-speaking half of ) and the United States. Our mission is to establish a brand in the US for the open, dynamic and innovative region of Flanders. As such, Flanders House is constantly looking for opportunities to increase Flanders’ visibility and exposure in New York and in the entire United States. Flanders House is in charge of, and represents, the competences of the government of the region of Flanders (Belgium) in the US. Media Contact - Nicolas Polet T: +1 (212) 584-2200 ext. 2004 E: About Flanders Fashion Institute: Flanders Fashion Institute ( is a unit of Flanders District of Creativity ( and stimulates entrepreneurship in the fashion industry in Flanders. FFI sensitizes designers about business skills, guides them in their career and promotes fashion from Flanders. Showroom Antwerp supports a selection of designers from Flanders (Belgium) in the embedment of their labels and focuses on the presentation and sales of their collections, reaching international buyers, agents and media. Media Contact - Edith Vervliet T: +32 3 226 14 47 E:

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